BSR expresses full support for junior doctors

BSR would like to express its full support for our 'junior' colleagues in training in their dispute with NHS Employers over the possible unilateral imposition of a new contract. This would be both unwise and unfair. The 98% vote in favour of industrial action on a 76% turnout reflects the strength of opposition by junior doctors. We support their legal right to take industrial action and are disappointed that matters have reached this point.

Junior doctors work tirelessly to deliver high quality care to patients. They are critical in helping to provide acute care to sick patients round the clock. Those training in rheumatology are critical members of the team providing care to patients with long-term rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders.

The contract proposals potentially disadvantage those who work in academia developing crucial research skills and those who work less than full time. Due to complications as a result of their rheumatic disease, many of our patients work less than full time and make enormous contributions to society through the industries they serve. We must ensure our doctors who are parents, carers, or patients themselves, are given these same allowances without disincentives.

We are concerned that the contract proposals, if implemented, will seriously affect recruitment and retention in the NHS.
Updated Statement - Information for doctors potentially involved in industrial action

Industrial action is planned to take place during the Rheumatology 2016 event. The BMA has provided the following advice for conference attendees who might be involved in strike action:

Industrial action is the act of deliberately removing oneself from rostered work as action in furtherance of a trade dispute. In doing so, doctors are free to use their time as they wish, instead of attending work. We (the BMA) would hope that those undertaking industrial action would join a picket line or other activity to show support for the cause, but they are ultimately free to do with their time as they please.

BSR has expressed its support for the junior doctors strike and this position remains unchanged.  
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