Public Health England campaign urges people to act on signs of rheumatoid arthritis

Four week campaign to be piloted in the Nottingham and Hardwick are

A new campaign from Public Health England will urge residents in Nottingham and Hardwick to seek advice from their GP if they are experiencing swollen, stiff or painful joints. It is estimated that this could affect approximately 1,400 people in Nottingham City, alone.

Swollen, stiff and painful joints are key symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. To help raise awareness of this disease, a local Public Health England campaign launches urging residents of Nottingham City who notice the symptoms to visit their GP.

This forms part of a project that aims to spread public awareness of a condition that affects over 700,000 people in the UK and BSR are proud to be collaborating with other professional bodies to help the successful launch of this campaign.

The campaign consists of press, radio, poster and digital advertising and supported by PR. Information leaflets will be provided in GP surgeries and pharmacies and face-to face events will be taking place in venues such as shopping centres, garden centres and supermarkets across Nottingham City. The campaign will also run in Hardwick, Derbyshire.