Take action: this is your window of opportunity

Join the members of the British Society for Rheumatology and up to 1 million UK patients in fighting the devastating effects of rheumatic conditions.

  • Appropriate and timely referrals
  • Policies that enable access to rheumatologists
  • Understanding the importance of the practice of rheumatology
These are all crucial factors to ensuring that more people with rheumatic conditions are treated within the window of opportunity – the first weeks and months after the start of symptoms of rheumatic conditions.

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Find your window of opportunity to help if you are a:

Window of opportunity

The first weeks and months following the onset of rheumatic condition symptoms are known as the 'window of opportunity', and it is essential that patients get appropriate treatment in that time period to avoid long-term complications. Early treatment, even within the first 12 weeks of symptom onset, can prevent damage to joints and other organs, improve long-term function, and increase the chances of achieving remission.

When appropriate treatment is started early, medical costs, disability and work limitations due to rheumatic conditions can all be reduced.