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31 August 2014

Dalton Review: the independent review into new organisational options for providers of NHS care

The Dalton Review is an initiative from the Department of Health to understand how to secure the clinical and financial sustainability of providers of NHS care through offering new options for organisational forms.  The Review ultimately aims to offer all providers of NHS care a new set of organisational options to help overcome these challenges. 


Seeking examples of good practice of organisational models, BSR’s response draws upon the best practice case studies to highlight innovative models of care in rheumatology. 

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16 July 2014


RCGP inquiry into person centred care in the 21st century



The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) established the Inquiry into Patient-centred Care in the 21st Century.  The inquiry sought to investigate what models of care will achieve tangible change for patients, how resources should be organised to deliver this, and what role general practice can play in driving this agenda forward.


Our response details rheumatology services that have been configured to offer patients benefits, such as improving rates of early diagnosis, but at the same time reducing costs. 

Please click here for the full consultation response.



3 March 2014

NICE consultation on potential new indicators for the Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set

As part of the process to develop the Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set (CCG OIS), NICE invited stakeholders to comment on potential new indicators.
The indicators have been mapped against the five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework. 

Our response states that we would welcome the introduction of one or more MSK indicators under domain 2 (Long Term Conditions) that addresses the lack of commissioner incentives to deliver quality care for the significant proportion of the population suffering from preventable and manageable rheumatic conditions.

Please click here for the full consultation response.



27 September 2013

NHS Mandate revision consultation response 


NHS England launched a consultation asking for opinions on the impending revision of the NHS Mandate, which is due every two years. 


Our response highlights the concern that the revision places too much emphasis on certain health services and that yearly target-setting will detract from the mandate's longer-term approach.   


Please click here for the full consultation response.


17 September 2013


NHS Dataset Consultation response 


NHS England launched a consultation on NHS data and datasets to ask for advice on the collection of data and its management in English hospitals.


Our response highlights the need for improvements to data quality for ambulatory outpatient-based services to inform clinical improvement, amongst other points.  


Please click here for the full consultation response.



21 August 2013



NHS Payments consultation response 


The health sector regulator Monitor and NHS England launched a consultation earlier in the year on the Payment by Results system to gather feedback.


Our response detailed how a new, fair NHS payment system that incentivised quality was needed, as well as ensuring better outcomes throught mutually reinforced ad joined-up best practice accross care settings.


Please click here for the full consultation response.


20 August 2013



House of Commons Long Term Conditions consultation response 


Earlier this year the Health Committee of the House of Commons launched a consultation into the management of long-term conditions.


We submitted a response to the consultation highlighting the need for early treatment and service coordination across all health care sectors.

Please click here for the full consultation response.


15 February 2013



Diclofenac: Risk of complications is small


Diclofenac has made the national press this week, as a recent study by Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry has highlighted the possible increased risk ofheart attack and stroke in patients taking the painkiller.


However, we advise that there is no need for panic, and patients prescribed with diclofenac should continue to take it at least until they next speak to their doctor.

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January 2013



Health and Social Care Act 2012


The impact to BSR


The Health and Social Care Bill was passed by parliament and given royal assent in March and is now the Health and Social Care Act 2012. This paper gives a brief update on the content of the Act as well as highlighting the impact it was on BSR and what actions we are taking to accommodate the changes. 

Health and Social Care Act 2012 update…….The impact for BSR

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