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The clinical voice of rheumatology and
musculoskeletal disorders.

BSR Council Regional & Devolved Nation Chairs

The Regional / Devolved Nation Chair is a member of the BSR Council and is responsible for local activity and support for BSR members within a defined region. He/she will work closely with the British Health Professionals in Rheumatology (BHPR) section co-opted Regional Lead and Representatives. The Regional / Devolved Nation Chair will organise and chair regional meetings and is a key conduit by which information flows from BSR central office to members and from members to central office if necessary.

The Regional / Devolved Nation Chair is responsible for collating a programme of activities for the year and reports to the BSR council. Activities include regional level training and education, providing clinical expertise as appropriate at a local level and enhancing member engagement.

  • In England, it is envisaged that the Regional Chair will be responsible for co-ordinating clinical advice to commissioners within the region including linking with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).
  • The BSR Regional Chair will also hold the role of Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Regional Speciality Advisor (RSA).

These duties form part of the full BSR Council Terms of Reference and role of the Chair.

Regional / Devolved Nation Chairs Terms of reference, roles and responsibilities