Every year, the day before the Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology Conference, we hold a Paediatric and Adolescent Research Day, where researchers and interested parties come together to talk about what they've been working on, make new connections and learn about topics new to them.

It's a fast-paced, fun day aimed at everyone from experienced researchers in paediatric rheumatology to people who are thinking about doing paediatric rheumatology and clinical paediatric rheumatology trainees. We're keen to support those in their early career, and to hear from those who may not end up working in rheumatology but have an interest in it and research surrounding it.

Lianne Kearsley-Fleet, who presented at last year's Research Day, says: "BSR tries to support people early in their career; it’s important at this stage to know you can talk in front of people and present your work, building confidence as you move forward to present at some of the bigger conferences. It’s a good thing for the career."

While at our main conference you may find professors presenting, at the Research Day we like to hear from medical students and researchers who are working on research at any stage. This could be a study that's not even been started, that you're just thinking about doing, or that you've got a bit stuck on and need support from your peers.

Lianne's a fan of the atmosphere at the Research Day: "It’s a safe place. You’ve got people interested in research who ask very nice questions because the people who are there want to support your research rather than criticise it! Even if your research isn’t complete, if you get the opportunity to present it can help you get feedback on how to move forward."

Hans de Graaf, last year's convenor, says that the Research Day is great for exposing doctors and scientists of all career stages to research in paediatric rheumatology. He adds: "There’s no threshold for asking questions or wanting clarifications."

If this sounds good to you, please submit a research idea to us to be considered for a presentation at the Research Day.

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