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This fellowship gives members a unique experience of a quality improvement process designed to encourage development in clinical services through a combination of self-assessment, peer appraisal and collaborative learning.

Peer review is not only beneficial to patients, but also to participating members from all disciplines in terms of mutual learning and professional development. Though there are overlaps, e.g. with GiRFT, peer review has a different role and is seen to compliment such projects.

We have been promoting participation in peer review in rheumatology over many years and are delighted to see that peer review is now taking part in much of the UK.

We are particularly keen to continue to promote peer review activity amongst our members by providing a unique opportunity for those who wish to gain experience of high quality peer review in other regions where this process is well established.

Key information

It is anticipated that this fellowship will give the winners the experience and skills to allow them to participate in peer review within their own regions and promote its activity amongst their colleagues in the future.

The fellowship is exclusively for members and will run throughout the year.

We would want you to share your experience with colleagues in your region on your return. Study leave should be granted for this unique management experience and self-awarded CPD points (via GMC accreditation).

For further information on Peer Review in Rheumatology, click here.

If you have any queries, email events@rheumatology.org.uk or call 0207 842 9000.

Why should you apply?

  • To develop the skills needed to participate in the peer review process in the future

  • Promote peer review in your unit amongst your colleague

  • Valuable management experience and a unique insight into the development and organisation of clinical services within rheumatology

  • Enhanced CV and experience for future posts

Winning applications receive:

  • One full day with peer review team, which involves visiting the unit, writing reports, etc

  • Funds to support travel expenses

  • Will be 'matched' with host sites as review dates become available or within 6-8 months


If you are successful, you will be offered a place as member of the review team in a forthcoming peer review visit.

You will be allocated a site most appropriate in terms of timing rather than location or specialist interests.

Prior to the visit you will be:

  • Introduced to the reviewing team (usually via email). The MDT reviewing team includes members from two other regional rheumatology services

  • You will receive a detailed document from the site under review about their service prior to the visit and may be expected to liaise with the review team about the details ahead of the visit

  • The visit will be one full day and an agenda will be agreed between host and visiting teams

  • Following the visit, you will be expected to contribute towards writing a formal report of the team’s findings

  • You will also be required to write a short report for us about your experience