The Quality Review Scheme for rheumatology is an accreditation programme aimed at raising standards of patient care across the UK.

The Quality Review Scheme (QRS) helps and supports services to undertake a quality improvement (QI) process aimed at improving all aspects of their rheumatology service, along with enhancing patient care and experience.

This programme aims to promote excellence by evaluating services against established good practice standards, through a supportive process facilitating QI by highlighting areas of best practice and areas for development. Find out more below. Contact QRS@rheumatology.org.uk if you would like to arrange to talk to us about QRS.

Why accredit?

QRS offers a professionally-led assessment that provides external, independent validation of your quality of care. Achieving our accreditation quality mark (pictured above) assures patients, funders and the general public that you're demonstrating high-quality, consistent care.

It also raises your service profile and provides independent and impartial recognition of the hard work and commitment of service staff and managers.

Accreditation is a voluntary process.


Any NHS service that provides care for people with rheumatic diseases in the UK is eligible and encouraged to join the programme.
Annual QRS subscription £650+VAT (payable annually on the anniversary of registration).

What does annual subscription include?

Annual subscription for QRS is an investment into the quality of your service and creates a culture of continuous self-evaluation and improvement, which improves staff morale. The annual subscription includes:

  • access to the full QRS evidence requirements, guidance, templates and support documents
  • access to the QRS platform including the gap analysis and self-assessment tool
  • access to training and learning resources
  • a supportive programme team available Monday–Friday, 10am-4pm
  • access to a peer network of colleagues working towards QRS in their own services
  • networking opportunities
  • individual staff discounts to join BSR. Benefits of joining BRS can be found here.

Are you part of a rheumatology network or group?

Groups of services that have established networks of practice e.g. Rheumatology/MSK networks, ICS’, academic networks, all Wales network, all Northern Ireland network, Scottish clinical networks, who wish to join the programme at the same time, are able to unlock bespoke support and training offers.

Please contact the BSR quality improvement team to discuss further at qrs@rheumatology.org.uk

QRS Accreditation Pathway
Learn about the different stages that take place to receive QRS Accreditation.
Find out more

Quality Review Scheme (QRS) is supported by NHS England and Wales, and is acknowledged in Scotland and Northern Ireland as a framework for improvement, sustainability and positive change.

BSR believes QRS will provide significant benefits to patients, clinicians, service managers, commissioners and regulators, helping to highlight areas of best practice alongside practical suggestions on where improvements could be made.


Benefits of QRS

It raises the profile of the service and specialty as a whole

Encourages continuous QI in processes and patient outcomes

It reduces risk and increases patient confidence in the service

It improves the management and efficiency of the service

It accelerates adoption of innovation and transformation measures

It improves workforce development and education

It provides evidence for regulatory inspections

How to register

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