Clinical Excellence Awards

The society wishes to encourage and support applications of those members eligible to apply for a Clinical Excellence Award i.e. UK adult or paediatric rheumatology consultant members. Supports for awards renewals are also now included but falls outside of the ranked system. The BSR process is overseen and co-ordinated by the BSR Honorary Secretary with support from staff. The process is highly competitive and is under continued revision from the Department of Health.

2017 ACCEA

ACCEA has announced the dates for their 2017 awards.

Formal applications are now open and will close on 25 April 2017.

Please note that the BSR deadline for members to apply for support with their application is midday Monday 20 March 2017.

The BSR Honorary Secretary, Dr. Chetan Mukhtyar the BSR Higher Awards Committee Chair and is responsibile for the CEA Awards.

For more information please contact the new Chair or the CEA Co-ordinator by email.

BSR Clinical Excellence Awards Policy

New applications process

In order for the BSR (or the College),  to be able to mark, rank, hold a Higher Awards Meeting and then organise and write citations we will need your applications well before the official closing date.
Full application guidance and application forms for 2017 are available on the ACCEA website.

For the BSR to support your application you will need to submit your ACCEA form to us via by 20th March 2017.

You must include your name, region, level of award that you are applying for and full address in the covering email and mark it SELF NOMINATION.

Once the forms are received they are marked according to the ACCEA criteria by the Higher Awards Sub-Committee which is made up of ten Rheumatologists (none of whom will be applying for an award at the level they are marking). The results are collated and presented to the Higher Awards Committee.

The BSR Higher Awards Committee will agree the ranking and citations for successful applicants.

All candidates will then be contacted to let them know if the BSR can support their application on or shortly after the 5th April 2017.

Please remember that not getting a BSR citation does not mean that you are a poor candidate but just that there was fierce competition! Therefore you are well advised to seek other citations such as from the Royal College of Physicians.

The College will invite nominations directly from the individual. You would be advised to apply to both the College and the BSR as the more citations you have the better. Please see the RCP web site for their details.

Please note that full details of the 2017 ACCEA process will be published on the ACCEA website on 28 February.

Renewal application process

BSR will support renewals and if you are applying for a renewal, this should be clearly indicated to us on your application.
You will need to submit a renewal application if:

•    you received your current award in the 2013 round
•    your award was last renewed in 2012 (awarded in 2008, 2003, 1998)

In some cases, consultants will be renewing out of the usual cycle. Awards are reviewed earlier if there is a change in job, or a significant change in job plan.

Clinical Excellence Awards 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 ACCEA award winners. Once again it was a very competitive round with 10 members recieving an award and 5 renewals.

2016 New Applications ACCEA Winners


Professor Phillip Conaghan


Professor Christopher Buckley

Dr Joanna Ledingham

Professor Andrew Cope

Professor Justin Mason

Professor Ann Morgan

Dr Michael Beresford


Dr Karen Walker-Bone

Dr John Ioannou

Dr Liza McCann

2016 ACCEA Renewal Winners


Professor John Isaacs


Dr Michael Ehrenstein

Dr Helen Cross

Dr Karim Raza

Dr Eileen Baildam