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The Quality Review Scheme's a quality improvement process aimed at raising standards across rheumatology services throughout the UK, ultimately improving patient service and experience.

The Quality Review Scheme (QRS) helps and support rheumatology services in improving patient care and patient experience.

This voluntary scheme aims to promote excellence in all aspects of rheumatology targeting improvement in patient care and experience, running in a three-year cycle, offering a professionally-led inspection service that provides independent external validation for your own quality assurance practices.

Achieving our quality assurance inspection mark and certificate demonstrates compliance with national best practice standards in patient care.

Assessors and inspection


QRS assessors conduct inspections of rheumatology services. Each inspection team is formed of at least one clinician, one nurse or allied health professional, one rheumatology patient and a BSR assessor. A standard inspection team will consist of five assessors:

  • 1x lead assessor

  • 3x team assessor

  • 1x BSR assessor

For larger services, a larger inspection team may be used.


To gain accreditation, a rheumatology service undergoes an inspection, assessed against QRS best practice. The inspection is one day and onsite: the inspection team reviews the facilities, speaks with managers, staff, and patients, and reviews all relevant evidence.

At the end of the day, a summary of the initial findings is discussed. The BSR assessor draws up an inspection report from the notes and evidence collated by the lead and team assessors. The inspection report is then submitted to the QRS accreditation panel for consideration.

Pandemic changes: during COVID-19, inspections are adapted to a blend of online and onsite review. Meetings with managers, staff and patients are held online as is the evidence review. The lead assessor and BSR assessor visit onsite for half a day to review the facilities and any evidence that cannot be shared online.