We're committed to embedding equality, diversity and inclusion in British Society for Rheumatology activities; here's what we're doing.

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is at the heart of everything BSR does; this commitment is shared by staff, committee members, working groups, and trustees. This commitment allows us to champion EDI in all aspects of rheumatology. To influence change and build a thriving community of best practice, we need to use our values as our decision making framework. Our inclusion value- we support everyone in the rheumatology community - provides a basis for our action plan.

EDI aims

Our core values of leadership, openness, collaboration and celebrating success reinforce our commitment to EDI.

Overarching aims:

  • Since the 2020-2022 EDI strategy, we’ve moved from ‘starting our journey’ and now we’re ‘embedding and sharing best practice’. Our EDI work is now more ambitious, and has more demonstrable impact
  • Our EDI aims are mapped to our 5 year strategy, to ensure that our EDI actions and behaviours are part of our everyday work, not seen as an ‘add-on’ or separate activity. Because of this, our EDI activities are now more externally focussed
  • Measuring impact: making sure that we set and meet meaningful targets and objectives to better demonstrate our impact
  • Communicate what we do better both internally and externally
  • Within BSR, our internal EDI workstreams are focussed on creating a culture of belonging. Belonging is not the same as ‘fitting in’. We’re not looking for colleagues who ‘fit’, as this implies that there is a right way to present at work. Instead, belonging focusses on creating an organisation where everyone is able to act with integrity and in line with our values. If we get the culture of psychological safety right, this means colleagues will feel respected and trusted.
Vision, mission and values Our overall strategy aims to support our broad range of members across the various settings that they work in.
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