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BSR’S rheumatology mentoring programme is a member-to-member scheme, matching individuals to an experienced colleague to support and encourage personal and professional development.

What we do
  • We offer two individual programmes, one for developing rheumatology professionals, and one for academics
  • We provide a dedicated platform for mentors and mentees to find one another and access mentoring resources
About the programme
  • BSR members can be part of one or both programmes and can register as a mentor and/or be mentored
  • Relationships can be as long or as short as you need and conducted in a way that suits your needs
As a mentee you can:
  • Learn from mentor knowledge and expertise to focus on what is needed to grow professionally and realise potential
  • Gain specific skills and knowledge relevant to personal goals
  • Develop your professional network
As a mentor you can:
  • Enhance your own skills in developing others
  • Gain insights into the needs of newly qualified professionals
  • Develop strong and enjoyable connections with your peers
  • Actively engage and help shape the career of fellow members
  • Take the opportunity to reflect on your career as well as build on your own skillset

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