Careers in rheumatology 

Rheumatology is an exciting and growing field within the medical specialties that covers a broad spectrum of conditions. This area provides information for those considering applying for a training post in rheumatology and answers the questions trainees may have.

Rheumatology is a multi-disciplinary branch of medicine that deals with investigation, diagnosis and management of patients with arthritis and musculoskeletal symptoms.

It covers more than 200 conditions affecting bones, joints, muscles, connective tissues and the immune system (such as inflammatory arthritis, myositis, vasculitis, lupus, metabolic bone disease, soft tissue disorders and degenerative joint disease).

Rheumatic conditions are common in both primary and secondary care and musculoskeletal symptoms can be the primary features of many multi-system illnesses.

Symptoms of rheumatic diseases can cause significant impairment on an individual’s life and psychological wellbeing, with some conditions being life-threatening.

Please explore the content to learn more of what rheumatology entails and how best to prepare for the specialty training application process.

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