British Society for Rheumatology's Board of Trustees established a variety of committees to assist with delivering its strategic aims. Here you can find out more about their purpose and who sits on them.

Each committee or council is set up to focus on different areas of work, such as policy, service improvement, delivering the annual conference and our educational programme.

We rely on our members to volunteer their time, skills and knowledge on these committees, and in return they get to contribute to exciting projects that make a real difference, influence the purpose of the society and leave a legacy in rheumatology.

If you're interested in learning more about our annual elections process, please get in touch with the governance team.
MDT Advisory Council The MDT Advisory Council advises on challenges across the multidisciplinary team (MDT) in paediatric, adolescent and adult rheumatology across the UK.
Board of Trustees Members include trustees, committee chairs and invited officers.
Finance & Risk Committee This committee has an advisory role, set up to help the trustees carry out their responsibilities for fiduciary governance.
Remuneration Committee Its responsibility is to annually agree the remuneration package of the Chief Executive, other members of the senior management team as designated, along with annual pay increases for all permanent staff.
Trainees Committee This committee is made up of trainees who represent the regions throughout the UK. They work to promote rheumatology as a specialty and support training needs.
Education Committee Are responsible for promoting and facilitating good practice in all aspects of education, training and professional development for those within the sector.
Heberden Committee This committee is responsible for advancing the knowledge and practice through an annual scientific programme and by encouraging clinical excellence through the facilitation of prizes and awards.
Clinical Affairs Committee Responsible for encouraging and facilitating good clinical practice in rheumatology and the provision and delivery of high quality services for those living with rheumatic diseases.
Registers and Research Committee They are responsible for the strategic development and growth of BSR Registers and the BSR research programme.
Journal Committee Helps formulate, present and implement the views and policies of the society in liaison with the publishing house and Editorial Boards.