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Ultrasound for Rheumatology Practice

This programme sets the standard for training in the UK

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Best Practice Awards: more information released

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Transitional Care for Children and Young People

Join our course to develop your practical knowledge and skills in transitional care services.

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British Society for Rheumatology

Our members are drawn from across the entire rheumatology specialty – those at the beginning of their career to the most senior consultants, researchers, academics and health professionals in the multi-disciplinary team. Together, they form a powerful voice for paediatric, adolescent and adult rheumatology in the UK.

The British Society for Rheumatology is the UK's leading specialist medical society for rheumatology and musculoskeletal professionals. 

We support our members throughout their careers, allowing them to progress, collaborate and innovate so they can deliver the best care for their patients, improving the lives of children and adults with rheumatic and musculoskeletal disease.

Upcoming events
13-14 September 2019 13-14 September 2019
Rheumatology for Specialist Nurses - Brighton
To support our nurse members we have designed a course focusing on the clinical skills and knowledge required to provide excellent care within rheumatology.
16-19 September 2019 16-19 September 2019
Scleroderma Fellowship
This is a unique opportunity for members to experience hands-on clinical practice from leading experts in the management of scleroderma.
17 September 2019 17 September 2019
Lupus and Connective Tissue Diseases Day
We have endorsed the Lupus and Connective Tissue Diseases course that will take place before the 16th International Congress on Antiphospholipid Antibodies in Manchester.
24-25 September 2019 24-25 September 2019
Ultrasound for Rheumatology Practice - Belfast
Join us for the next stage of our Ultrasound training programme in Belfast, setting the standards for ultrasound training in the UK.
25 September 2019 25 September 2019
Core Skills in Musculoskeletal Care workshops - London
We have endorsed the Versus Arthritis Core Skills in musculoskeletal care workshops designed for GPs. Sign up now to improve your skills in treating your patients with musculoskeletal conditions.
26-27 September 2019 26-27 September 2019
Case-based Conference
Case-based Conference brings together consultants and next-generation rheumatologists to share and exchange clinical best practice.
7 October 2019 7 October 2019
Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology Research Day
This research day offers an excellent opportunity for young investigators at all levels of training to showcase their research in a friendly, enthusiastic environment.
8-9 October 2019 8-9 October 2019
Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology Conference
This is the dedicated conference for paediatric and adolescent rheumatology in the UK.
8 October 2019 8 October 2019
Free expert webinar: Hand exercises for people with rheumatoid arthritis
Presented by Esther Williamson, University of Oxford. In collaboration with Lilly UK, this expert webinar series is designed for nurses and healthcare professionals.
18 October 2019 18 October 2019
Osteoporosis: Diagnosis, Management and Clinical Application of Current Concepts
Topics include epidemiology and health burden, mechanisms, bone density and bone marker measurement and interpretation.
23 October 2019 23 October 2019
Core Skills in Musculoskeletal Care workshops - Leeds
We have endorsed the Versus Arthritis Core Skills in musculoskeletal care workshops designed for GPs. Sign up now to improve your skills in treating your patients with musculoskeletal conditions.
28 October 2019 28 October 2019
Transitional Care for Children and Young People
This is a multidisciplinary course with sharing of knowledge between adult and paediatric rheumatology professionals, including hands on practical and real-world advice about how to develop transitional services and interactive small group workshops.
Latest News

Peer Review Fellowship winners announced

Here are our 2019 winners who have been selected to participate in a Peer Review visit in England over the next 12 months.
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Scleroderma fellowship winners announced

For the first time for scleroderma, all of the successful fellows were women - this follows on from our all-female lupus fellowship in March 2019.
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Best Practice Awards 2020: timelines and entry criteria announced

Awards celebrating best practice in rheumatology return; we're seeking submissions during September
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Why this Systemic Sclerosis study should be on your radar

Prof Ariane Herrick talks to us about the PRedSS study and why you should be referring your patients to it
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Our 2019 Research Funding Call winners

Earlier this year we requested applications for Research Funding Call. Read all about the winners and their research projects.
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Support your specialty in our committee elections

We’re looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated people to help us deliver our new strategy
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Study group discusses exciting paediatric lupus developments

There were updates on a number of interesting initiatives being led by the group, including treat-to-target and immunopathology
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Clinical nurse specialists on paediatric education, research and current practice

Each year the group meets for education, research updates, discussion of current practice and reflection of issues affecting the group and families around the UK
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2019 prizes and award winners

Read on to find out who won prizes and awards from us this year
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