Members of our Board of Trustees, who are also our company directors, make up the governing body of British Society for Rheumatology

The board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of our work, with its trustees having the responsibility of meeting our legal and financial duties as a registered charity.

Main duties of our trustees:
  • Ensure we're carrying out our purposes for the public benefit
  • Comply with our governing document and the law
  • Act in our best interests
  • Ensure we're accountable
  • Manage our resources responsibly
  • Act with reasonable care and skill
Photo of Jo Ledingham
Jo Ledingham, President Consultant rheumatologist
Photo of Will Gregory
Will Gregory, Vice President Consultant Physiotherapist & Clinical Governance Lead
Photo of Toby Garrood
Toby Garrood, Honorary Treasurer Consultant rheumatologist
Photo of Clarissa Pilkington
Clarissa Pilkington, Member Trustee Consultant paediatric and adolescent rheumatologist
Photo of Marina Bond
Marina Bond, Lay Trustee Non-medical
Photo of Clifford Hurst
Clifford Hurst, Lay Trustee Non-medical
Photo of Liz Murphy
Liz Murphy, Member Trustee Consultant Rheumatologist
Photo of Sophia Steer
Sophia Steer, Member Trustee Consultant Rheumatologist
Photo of Megan Rutter
Megan Rutter, Chair of the Trainees Committee Rheumatology ST6/Clinical Research Fellow
Photo of Louise Parker
Louise Parker, Member Trustee UK Professional Lead – Long Term Conditions, Nursing Department, The Royal College of Nursing
Photo of Sarah Wright, Lay Trustee
Sarah Wright, Lay Trustee, Non-medical