British Society for Rheumatology is committed to quality improvement in rheumatology. We run several clinical audits to review care provision and support this aim.

Clinical audits improve patient care and outcomes through the systematic review of services. These important initiatives provide both quality assurance and quality improvement of the rheumatology services offered by the NHS.

We are committed to clinical excellence and raising the profile of rheumatology. The outputs from our audits include journal publications, guideline inputs and recommendations that we take to governing bodies, like CCGs, NHS England and the UK and Welsh governments.

National Early Inflammatory Arthritis Audit

The NEIA Audit aims to improve the quality of care given to people living with inflammatory arthritis, collecting data from patients newly referred to rheumatology services in England and Wales.

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Lupus audit

In 2018 colleagues from 50+ units across the UK took part in an audit of our guideline for the management of adults with SLE using standards derived from our guideline, the NICE Technology Appraisal for Belimumab in SLE and NHS England Commissioning Policy for Rituximab in SLE.

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