Our UK member education bursary is open to all medical trainees, nurses and allied health professional members, providing the opportunity to secure funding towards attendance at one of our education courses or conferences.

Applications for bursaries towards our 2023 events are now closed. Application towards 2024 events will open in January.

These bursaries are available exclusively to BSR members to help fund attendance at any of our courses, conferences and BSR-accredited educational events. Funding of up to £300 is available for face-to-face events and up to £200 for online events.

A full listing of courses and conferences can be found on the Events and Learning homepage.

Please note, we have a limited number of bursaries available for each course and conference across the year. For courses or conferences with high demand, we recommend getting your application in as early as possible as there is a cap on the amount of bursaries we can award per event.

Applicant information

How to apply

Fill in the application form, which asks about:

  • the conference/course you would like to attend

  • your suitability for the bursary

  • how you would use this experience to enhance your professional knowledge (maximum 200 words)

  • your current work and some work history

  • whether you have a current BSR membership as a medical trainee, nurse or allied health professional

Applications are judged anonymously by a nominated panel. Judges reach a consensus on the applications and bursaries are awarded to the applicants thought to benefit most.

If your application is successful, you'll receive up to £300 if attending a face to face event or up to £200 if attending an online event to cover registration, travel and accommodation fees.

Further information

  • As this application round covers all our courses and conferences for 2023, you may be applying for a bursary to support your funding before or after attending an event.

  • Due to this, please book your place on the course/conference you wish to attend, as you may not be successful until after registration has closed. You can still apply for a bursary for an event that you have already attended.

  • As applications are judged on a monthly basis, if you apply for a bursary less than 6 weeks prior to your chosen event, we may not be able to confirm if you have been successful until after the event has taken place.

  • Recipients of the three month taster membership offer linked to Annual Conference aren't eligible for this bursary.

  • Applicants must already be members when booking and attending the event.

  • Bursary money is reimbursed up to three weeks after receiving the claim. Claims must be made within three months of bursary being awarded; any claims received after this are not reimbursed.

  • If awarded a bursary, you will be reimbursed towards one course or conference in the current year. You are then ineligible for further bursaries in the same year. You may apply for a bursary in the next year, once applications are open, but it must be towards a different course or conference. E.g. in 2023 you receive a bursary towards attending Annual Conference 2023, you then can't receive a bursary towards attendance at Annual Conference 2024 but you could get a bursary towards the Core Skills in Rheumatology course in 2024.

  • If awarded a bursary, you'll be given an expenses claim form to complete and return. You must provide corresponding receipts with the claim form if claiming towards travel and accommodation costs.

  • If you receive a bursary and do not attend the course/conference you have received reimbursement for, you may be required to return part or all of the funds to us. This will be reviewed on an individual case basis.

If you have any questions or require further information, contact the education team.