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Heberden Library

The Society owns a large collection of medico-historical books on rheumatology and related conditions. There are more than 1,500 items in the Heberden Library, including books, pamphlets, journals and photographs.

WSC Copeman, the first honorary librarian of the Heberden Society, and EGL Bywaters, the second honorary librarian, were both instrumental in collecting the items that make up the library we have today.

Since 1966, recent books, reports, proceedings, and documents have been added to the collection with the aim of providing a history of rheumatology for future generations.

To help ensure we have a wide range and up to date historical record of rheumatology, we invite you to donate any relevant books to the Heberden Library. Please contact us with the title and author of the book that you'd like to donate.

Physical copies are stored at the RCP London office, the Wellcome Collection or in the British Society for Rheumatology offices.

Oral histories

We are looking to collect audio recordings on experiences of treatments, from all perspectives, before the advent of biologics.

Contribute a recording

Online catalogue

Search the catalogue for access to library materials, and then request them from bsr@rheumatology.org.uk.


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