The Psoriatic Arthritis Register provides 'real-world' data to assess the impact and natural history of psoriatic arthritis and response to treatments over the long-term.

The Psoriatic Arthritis Register is run by the University of Aberdeen on behalf of the society. The register is aligned to other international registries with psoriatic arthritis patients in the EU and North America.

The register aims to provide 'real-world' data around:
  • The impact of psoriatic arthritis on individuals, including function, work, quality of life and economic impact
  • The natural history of psoriatic arthritis, including clinical, social and work outcomes in the medium- to long-term and the impact of disease phenotype on disease outcome
  • The use of novel pharmacological agents (including biologic DMARDs, biosimilar DMARDs and targeted synthetic DMARDs), their use, effectiveness and predictors (including biomolecular predictors) of treatment response.
It also:
  • Provides health economic data relevant to the evaluation of cost-effectiveness of different therapy options; and
  • Provides infrastructure to support the collection, analysis and reporting of adverse events amongst patients on novel pharmacological agents.

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