05 June 2024

As the UK gears up for a general election, we are asking BSR members to make local prospective parliamentary candidates, their teams and political party members aware of our manifesto asks on workforce. It's crucial for us to engage in campaigning responsibly and legally. Here are key points to consider:

  • Act responsibly: During the pre-election period, also referred to as ‘purdah’, specific restrictions are issued on the use of public resources and the communication activities of public bodies, civil servants and local government officials.  NHS England Guidance issued in May 2024 states that “NHS employees are free to undertake political activism in a personal capacity but should not involve their organisation or create the impression of their organisation’s involvement.” Read guidance in ScotlandNorthern Ireland and Wales (2019-yet to be updated).
  • Demonstrate non-partisanship: BSR is a non-party political organisation and does not endorse or support any party or candidate. When representing BSR, we ask that you maintain neutrality and avoid publicly endorsing any candidate, party or party’s policy position directly or indirectly; focus instead on our manifesto asks.

  • Educate: Share evidence-based information on the state of the rheumatology workforce on social media, in local press, letters to the editor and your communications with local politicians.
  • Lead: Encourage others to get involved by leading by example.
  • Seek guidance: Reach out to the BSR policy team if unsure about campaign activities.