12 March 2021

BSR endorses this guidance video for patients, which explains all they need to know to complete a self-assessment for DAS28. You can access the video via our National Early Inflammatory Arthritis Audit (NEIAA) and ePROMs platforms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how many aspects of healthcare are delivered, with outpatient services increasingly dependent upon remote consultations.

The REMORA (REmote MOnitoring of Rheumatoid Arthritis) project app, developed by researchers and patient representatives at the University of Manchester, aims to address this by recording patient-reported outcomes and integrating them into the electronic patient record for HCPs and patients to view during clinical consultations.

To support this, the REMORA team developed a video with patients to train people with rheumatoid arthritis how to self-examine for tender and swollen joints. Their aim? To develop a better understanding of disease activity over time and support services to conduct remote care.

We encourage all rheumatology healthcare practitioners to signpost patients to it, as it supports national programmes including our NEIAA and ePROMS platform, both of which rely on patient-reported tender and swollen joint counts.

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