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Coordinating a person-centred pathway to high quality care for people with rare autoimmune disorders

Friday 30 September 2016, 12:00 - 13:00

Invited by NHS England this webinar will describe how to set up a multidisciplinary clinic run by rheumatologists, attended by oral medicine and ophthalmology, to streamline the diagnostic pathway to reduce frequency of visits. Key components are access to a slit lamp for eye examination, provision of a lip biopsy clinic, and standardised histopathological reporting following guidelines we have developed.

The webinar will be presented by Ben Fisher from the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, who was one of BSR's Best Practice Awards 2016 Outstanding Best Practice category winners.

Register by emailing ENGLAND.longtermconditions@nhs.net.



The vasculitis webinars were created in conjunction with The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation. To watch the 2014 and 2016 webinars listed below, please see the on-demand webpage.


Learning how to scan- practical tips and techniques - Prof. Wolfgang Schmidt
Wednesday 17th February 2016, 18:00

The main TABUL results - Prof. Raashid Luqmani
Wednesday 2nd March 2016, 18:00

Practical implementation of a fast track service for GCA, incorporating the results of TABUL - Prof. Bhaskar Dasgupta
Wednesday 23rd March 2016, 18:00 



Diagnosis of Vasculitis - Dr David Watts
Thursday 2nd October 2014, 18:00

Assessment of Vasculitis - Prof. Raashid  Luqmani
Thursday 16th October 2014, 18:00

Therapy and Outcomes in Vasculitis - Prof. David Jayne
Thursday 6th November 2014, 18:00