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Regional Groups

Regional Advisory Council

The Regional Advisory Council (known as Council) is responsible for local activity and support for BSR members within a defined geographical area of the United Kingdom. Please see full ToR and job role for information.

BSR Council Regional Chairs

The Regional Chair will organise and chair regional meetings and is a key conduit by which information flows from BSR central office to members and from members.

BSR Regional Chair Terms of Reference

The Council and Officers

Executive members also attend council meetings.

Overview of BSR Regions

An introduction to the BSR Regions

List of Regional Chairs

  1. The list of Regional Chairs is automatic from CRM Committees (BSR Regions). 
  2. It users the Role Name to create the class so we can control the colour of the list. 
  3. At present the class names do not match the Role names "East Midlands" vs "east-midlands". They will need to be exac to make this work.

The Regional Map

  1. The Regions are clickable to the Regional microsites - there is an issue of the scaling of the map - 
  2. I am not sure we need the name of the Chair here as I don't think we can generate automatically and is in the  list above anyway. Removing will improve look and ease maintenance.