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Trustees are volunteers who take on ultimate legal, strategic and financial oversight and responsibility for an organisation’s work. We like to use Trustees’ Week to showcase the great work that our trustees do and highlight opportunities for all members, from nurses to consultants and health professionals, to get involved and make a difference.

We have 12 trustees on our Board, and they play a vital role for us, giving up their time to ensure the charity continues to be sustainable, well managed and impactful in the delivery of our strategic aims. Our trustees ensure we are:

  • Carrying out our purposes for the benefit of our members

  • Complying with the charity’s governing documents and the law

  • Managing our resources responsibly

  • Acting in the charity’s best interests

With their help and direction, we have overhauled our educational programme, defined our research priorities, launched our second journal, NEIA audit and PsA register, rebranded and published a brand new website and app, amongst many other activities in recent years. We continue to improve our conferences year on year, and will very soon be publishing our new course programme for 2020.

Thank you to all of our trustees!

Interested in becoming a BSR trustee?

The society thrives under strong leadership, and we have been privileged to benefit from the guidance and wisdom of previous, and current, members of the Board of Trustees. However, all good things must come to an end, and a number of our trustees will be stepping down from their role at the 2020 AGM. We will be looking for new people with fresh ideas to come on board in our upcoming elections, due to commence in January. Look out for further information on the elections in the new year!