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BSR is now ready to go to the testing phase for our new quality assurance standards; pilots have begun. Five assessors recently visited a rheumatology service in Preston to test the standards and our processes, while the next pilot will be in Glasgow on December 10. There are another two pilots lined up for January 2020.

If your services is interested in undergoing this external quality assurance review, please contact BSR for more information at QRS@rheumatology.org.uk

Alternatively, if you or someone you know is interested in becoming an assessor for this scheme, we are looking for patients of rheumatological diseases, as well as rheumatology staff: consultants, specialist doctors, senior trainees, nurses, AHPs. Please contact BSR at QRS@rheumatology.org.uk.

BSR will run assessor training sessions over the next year; the next one, on Monday 25 November, is specifically for patient assessors.