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Our UK member education bursary is open to all medical trainees, nurses and allied health professional members, providing the opportunity to secure up to £200 of funding towards one of our education courses or conferences.

Applications open in January 2022.

These bursaries are available exclusively to BSR members to help fund attendance at any of our courses, conferences and BSR-accredited educational events in 2022.

Applications are open for the entire year.

A full listing of courses and conferences can be found on the Events and Learning homepage.

Applicant information

How to apply

Fill in the application form, which asks about:

  • the conference/course you would like to attend

  • your suitability for the bursary

  • how you would use this experience to enhance your professional knowledge (maximum 200 words)

  • a two-page CV (if you submit a CV which exceeds two pages, only the first two pages are sent to the reviewing panel)

  • whether you have a current BSR membership as a medical trainee, nurse or allied health professional

Applications are judged anonymously by a nominated panel. Judges reach a consensus on the applications and bursaries are awarded to the applicants thought to benefit most.

If your application is successful, you'll receive up to £200 to cover registration fees.

Further information

As this application round covers all our courses and conferences for 2022, you may be applying for a bursary to support your funding before or after attending an event.

Due to this, please book your place on the course/conference you wish to attend, as you may not be successful until after registration has closed. You can still apply for a bursary for an event that you have already attended.

Bursary money is reimbursed up to three weeks after receiving the claim. Claims must be made within three months of bursary being awarded; any claims received after this are not reimbursed.

You may apply for more than one bursary, but if successful, you're ineligible for further bursaries for two years from the start date of your course/event.

If awarded a bursary, you'll be given an expenses claim form to complete and return. Bursaries are a retrospective reimbursement so this isn't issued until after the course/conference.

If you have any questions or require further information, contact the education team.