Fellowships are a unique opportunity for members to experience hands-on clinical practice in specialised rheumatology centres.

We run a number of fully funded fellowships for members, offering you the chance to experience hands-on clinical practice with leading experts in nationally-recognised specialised centres around the UK.

Our fellowships are an invaluable opportunity for your ongoing learning and professional development needs.

Headstart Fellowship

Experience interactive small group tutorials and hands-on clinical experience across three days, delivered by leading consultants at a centre for clinical academic excellence.
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Peer Review Fellowship

This fellowship gives members the skills and experience to participate in peer review within their own regions and promote its activity among their own colleagues in the future.
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Transition Fellowship

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Sjögren's Syndrome Fellowship

This is a tremendous opportunity to acquire concentrated hands-on skills for members wishing to improve or develop their services for people living with Sjogren's Syndrome.