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COVID-19 update: vaccine guidance
29 September, 19:00
1 hour
Audience: entire multidisciplinary team
Host: Dr Lizzy MacPhie
Speakers: Dr James Galloway, Dr Lucy Wedderburn

This webinar delivers an update on our COVID guidance, and will discuss the recent changes to patients primary vaccination schedules to include a third vaccine, what the timelines of booster jabs are and why 12-15 year olds are now being offered vaccines.

Topics include:
  • The recent decision to offer a third vaccine and booster jabs
  • Recent development on 12-15 year old participation in the vaccine rollout

Learning objectives

  • To understand the evidence behind the third dose
  • To understand the evidence behind the booster dose
  • To understand the evidence behind vaccinating 12–15-year-olds


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