Preventing and managing lower-limb OA using novel exercise therapies
10 November, 15:30-16:30
1 hour
Audience: entire multidisciplinary team
Host: Prof James Bilzon, University of Bath, Centre for Sport Exercise and Osteoarthritis Research, Versus Arthritis
Speakers: Prof Jonathan Folland, Loughborough University, Prof Maria Stokes, University of Southampton


Do you know your exercise snacking from your explosive exercise training?

This webinar reviews the evidence for various exercise therapies (including some new ones) for the prevention and management of lower limb osteoarthritis (OA). Make sure you (and your patients) know how to exercise in an evidence-based manner.

Learning objectives

  1. To understand the efficacy of traditional exercise guidelines for the prevention and management of OA
  2. To appreciate the potential role of explosive and high impact exercise training for the management of knee OA musculoskeletal health
  3. To understand the role of assessing movement quality to inform targeted neuromuscular exercise programmes
  4. To understand the role of neuromuscular control warm-up and retraining exercise programmes in preventing and reducing the burden of lower limb OA


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