03 June 2024

Health has emerged as a pivotal battleground between the political parties. In the run up in to election day, it’s crucial that our rheumatology community has its voice heard and that our workforce concerns are integral to political discussions.

Our workforce is undoubtedly our greatest asset, yet it is stretched extremely thin by staffing shortages and heavy workloads. Our manifesto, launched at last year’s BSR conference sets out a clear, costed and evidenced vision for the future of the rheumatology workforce. We thank those of you who have contacted your MP already and we celebrate our success in getting many MPs to sign the rheumatology pledge. We however know there is work still to do across the UK to convince Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.

Let us use our collective voice to advocate for policies that prioritise workforce investment, support professional development, and ensure safer, more diverse and flexible working environments.

Our campaign e-action calls for prospective Parliamentary candidates to endorse our workforce plan and takes just two minutes to complete. So, when you get a campaign ask from BSR please act swiftly to help ensure our collective voice is heard.

But let’s not stop there. The BSR team is sharing multiple ways you can actively engage in campaigning during the election, all of which will help raise awareness about our speciality in the next parliament.

There will be a lot of political noise in 2024 - and we need your support to ensure our voice doesn’t go unheard.

Jo Ledingham, BSR President

Read guidelines for responsible campaigning during an election