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We're delighted to announce the launch of our new ePROMs platform, freely available to anyone in the UK looking after rheumatology patients.

This platform provides a mechanism for you to collect PROMs in real time across a wide array of conditions in adult and paediatric and adolescent rheumatology.

Due to COVID-19, rheumatology has had to adapt rapidly to new ways of working. We acknowledge that remote consultations are here to stay, but a concern for many clinicians has been how to identify whether a remote consultation is appropriate; utilising PROMs will help inform this decision.

We're fortunate in rheumatology to have a number of well-established and widely used PROMs. From a clinician’s perspective, being able to capture data regularly and observe trends can be very powerful in helping to understand a patient’s condition. From a patient perspective, it promotes shared decision-making and empowers them to engage in the long-term management of their condition.

A big challenge for clinicians has been how to embed PROMs in clinical practice and utilise this information to improve the patient pathway. Many departments can only collect information from patients at the time of their appointment, often on paper forms which then need to be uploaded to the patient's record.

The ePROMs platform offers a solution for many departments with the option to push PROMs to patients at regular intervals and observe trends. With the redesign of patient pathways, this information can then be used to help determine whether an appointment is required and what type of appointment would be appropriate.

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