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Rheumatology workforce: a crisis in numbers

On this page, you'll find information about what BSR's doing to bring attention to and advocate for the specialty.

Workforce report

Below you'll find Rheumatology workforce: a crisis in numbers, as well as relevant case studies sourced from around the UK.

Summary: the rheumatology workforce is understaffed and under-resourced. Patients face debilitating consequences with longer waiting times and treatment delay. In this report, BSR identifies what must be done to make the changes the specialty urgently needs.

Workforce: creating fair access to care for everyone

Dr Rosemary Hollick's looking at innovative solutions to halt the postcode lottery of care
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Workforce report: key paediatric and adolescent messages

BSR Vice President Jacqui Clinch discusses key paediatric and adolescent takeaways from our recently released report
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Rheumatology workforce: 'Trying to do more than just keep afloat is a challenge'

Dr Alan MacDonald talks about staff shortages and what impact it’s having
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Crisis in rheumatology: report finds dangerously high workforce shortages

Our rheumatology multidisciplinary teams have long been swimming against a tide of staff shortages and vacancy rates
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