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BSR campaigns to influence national bodies and stakeholders, which in turn enables expansion of the current rheumatology workforce, enhancement of multi-disciplinary teams, and secures the future supply of specialists.

Below you’ll also find our workforce report and the latest news on workforce issues affecting the specialty, including updates on our campaigning work.

Workforce report

Below you'll find Rheumatology workforce: a crisis in numbers, as well as relevant case studies sourced from around the UK.

Our report brings together for the first time a set of eight report recommendations based on workforce numbers across the UK to turn the tide on high consultant and nurse vacancy rates and unacceptable staff shortages in their rheumatology teams.

Workforce: creating fair access to care for everyone

Dr Rosemary Hollick's looking at innovative solutions to halt the postcode lottery of care
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Workforce report: key paediatric and adolescent messages

BSR Vice President Jacqui Clinch discusses key paediatric and adolescent takeaways from our recently released report
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Rheumatology workforce: 'Trying to do more than just keep afloat is a challenge'

Dr Alan MacDonald talks about staff shortages and what impact it’s having
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Crisis in rheumatology: report finds dangerously high workforce shortages

Our rheumatology multidisciplinary teams have long been swimming against a tide of staff shortages and vacancy rates
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