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Chetan Mukhtyar

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Chetan's Story

There isn’t a day that goes by in my practice when I am not positively affected by the work that the BSR has done for me. Below are some of the reasons why I am a member of this society.


  1. Clinical guidance – The BSR produces NICE accredited guidelines that make it easy for me to ensure that the care of my patients is at par with the best in the world. The guidelines evaluate the evidence for me, produce specific recommendations, and set audit standards for me to follow.
  2. Access to high-cost drugs – The BSR liaises with NHS England and NICE to influence access to high-cost drugs. Without this, rheumatology in the UK would be significantly behind the times.
  3. Helping to train my juniors – The BSR liaises with the Royal College of Physicians and influences how my juniors are trained and what constitutes their curriculum. Without that there would be significant variations in the training across the country.
  4. My Education – Without the BSR courses, I would struggle to meet my external CPD points. That I get a discount to these meetings is an added bonus.
  5. Community – As a member of the BSR I am a member of a large community of rheumatology clinicians and academics. The BSR is our voice and together we shape the future of this speciality.
  6. There is access to a journal, and while I could probably get access to the journal from my hospital and/or university, I recognise and appreciate that someone is doing that work to support the educational needs of British rheumatologists, of whom I am one.
  7. Providing a platform – The society allows me a platform for networking, presenting my experience, sharing ideas, learning and innovating, to inspire and be inspired.
  8. Franchise – I have the right to vote for my leaders and indeed to stand for leadership to shape the society which does so much for me.

This is the home of British rheumatology and I am a member for the princely sum of 76 pence a day. This is a charitable society – it does not make profits. The sole aim of the society is to improve standards in rheumatology. I have been a member of this great body since my first locum rheumatology registrar job in Reading. It would be great to have you stand with us.

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