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We are pleased to announce that Arani Vivekanantham, Mrinalini Dey, Jasper Mogg and Nicky Wilson are the recipients of our Research Visiting Fellowship, and Nehal Narayan, Laura Spooner, Annmarie McShane, Dhivya Das and Patrick O'Beirn will be our Headstart fellows, gaining hands-on experience in clinical settings.

The Research Visiting Fellowship was introduced in 2019 to provide an opportunity for members to gain hands-on experience in rheumatological research at recognised centres of excellence across the UK.

The fellows will be exposed to activities including specialist research clinics, electronic data collection, clinical trials experience, research groups and funding proposal meetings.

The Headstart Fellowship will be held in December 2019 at University Hospital Aintree, a regional specialist centre for rheumatology and one of only three national centres for Behçet's. It has a Best Practice Award-winning early arthritis clinic, an established ultrasound service and many other innovative clinics.

We can't wait to hear all about our fellows' experiences.